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I thought I'd start Topshop Week with the product that I forgot to include in the teaser photo I posted yesterday. I don't know why I forgot to include it given that it's the very first lip liner I ever bought. This is the Topshop Lip liner in the color Ceramic.



I think Topshop  definitely has one of the cutest packaging in the makeup world. The color of the lip liner displayed at the end of the pencil is pretty accurate. I don't know if it's just with Ceramic or with all the lip liners from Topshop. I really cannot say anything bad about the packaging. I like the white base, the black lines running from one end to the other. Oh I guess the only bad thing is that the white base attracts all the dirt in the world making it look stained. And the fact that I have to sharpen it. My heart breaks a little whenever I need to sharpen it again. It's a shame that I have to waste some of the product.



The last photo is very crappy, I know. But the color is super similar to the color in the pencil. Ceramic is a nude color with lots of pink undertone to it. I pair this with MAC Please Me and I swear, these two were made for each other. I'm not an expert in applying lip liner. In fact, I often skip lining my lips. But when I want to look more polished or when I have a lot of time when I get ready in the morning, I will reach for a lip liner. Another good thing about this liner, is that it is also very creamy. It's so creamy you can even use it all over your lips (altho I don't advice doing that). I've tried it once and it looked great. My lips did dry a little after using it so if you want to try doing that, apply lots of balm or gloss on top of it.

It will probably take me months to finish this lip pencil so I hope to find a good dupe before it runs out. Or find a way to go back to Singapore or wherever there's Topshop makeup.