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I get the hype: Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade

 photo DipBrowPomade1.jpg
 photo DipBrowPomade2.jpg
 photo DipBrowPomade3.jpg
This is a product that I got early this year but haven't really gotten around to playing with until now because it's so foreign and new to me. I've always been a brow pencil kind of girl. I've tried a brow wax and powder duo before but I didn't go back to it after I finished the product I was using (I think it was the Body Shop kit). For me, pencil was the way to go. It's easy and fast and I can do my brows in under a minute. But being a beauty addict, I thought what if there are other products out there that I can use? In other words, I got bored with the pencil. I had to try something new. The Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade exploded into the beauty scene when it was released. A gel/pomade for the brows? That's fun and interesting! I was late to join the bandwagon but I eventually did. I think I got mine in a bazaar in Glorietta. I got it because I felt more convinced to get it as it was there and I could see the colors in person. I got the color Light Brown and after buying it I stored it in my makeup cabinet.

I would try and play with it months after buying it but I always end up not happy with the way it looks on me. To be honest, I still think I need to practice more or I need to get a better brush to apply it but I am slowly getting the hype. Practicing is the way to use this product. You'll have to play with it to see what works for you. After a while, it's easy to create the kind of brow I like - lighter in the inner parts, straight across the front and then slightly extended because my natural hairs are super short. You can make it look natural by just slightly dipping your brush into the product, removing the excess and then applying with small brush strokes. Or you can also draw your brow full on and make "instagram brows". After using this product, I like to apply a brow gel to make the hairs more defined. It's a standard last step for me, no matter what brow product I use.

The only con is that I don't think I will ever be able to finish a whole pot of this and I hear it dries out. Mine is still fine but let's see after a few months.